Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hello, Remember me? Maybe? Well, I have some news.

I entered a cake show here last week and was blown away to get First Place in the Special Occasions category. (It is not Best of Show; there were other cakes that were MORE beautiful and better than mine, by far.)  ME! I cannot believe it! I had tried to enter 3 cakes but I'm lazy and procrastinated and only did one.

Here it is

I had entered a cake a couple of years ago and got second (if your not a first, it's always a second) and a participant ribbon.  Over all it was fun and informative. My friend got a first on her cake and second on 3 others. My daughter got seconds on her entries too.

I had drawn it out just to get an idea of what I wanted to do and what size of cake.  The "cake" is styrofoam and the buttercream is shortening, powdered sugar, water and flavoring.  That holds up better and no one is going to eat it.  Now, if the buttercream was for a "real" cake, then I would have made a different recipe. It took roughly a day and a half to do; soar legs/feet, hands/back and lack of sleep to make this.  And this is a hobby that I enjoy! Call me crazy!

Next year, the show might be in Tacoma. Can you say, "Road Trip!"

Thanks for looking. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

So, I am trying to decide on a couple road trips.  One is a cake show in Everett WA at the end of April and one is a trip to Forks WA at the end of September.  Hmm! Thinking...Thinking...  One is for my "yes I still like my cake decorating addiction" and one is for my "addition to Twilight and my Twitarded friends".  I know my friends at Twitarded friends will say Twi-hoe, your ass is coming with us!  AHH!

I know that I can share rooms and maybe a car ride with someone but the $$$ is what is my concern.  The only other "big" event I have my daughter's HS graduation in June.  I know either way, it will be at least $300-$400 trip--by car.  Again, AHH! 

I will ponder on this and maybe my inner-wannbe-self will speak to me.



Oh Yea, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So much has happened to me in '09. I can't believe there are 2 days left including today. I was trying to think back to each month about significant events.

• January...New Years of course, hubby's BD, had LOTS of snow, find out son will be deployed to Afghanistan in July. Boo.

• February...25th Anniversary, yikes, it’s been that long! Daughter's basketball team went to State--Yay! got to visit my sister in Boise--Yay!

• March...Can't really think of anything, oh wait, SNOW GO AWAY!

• April...A's BD, M's BD, Dad's been gone a year, Daughter had me watch Twilight, I read all 4 books, now not only OCD on cakes but now Twilight! AHH! Went to a cake show on the Westside aka, Washington State, I was seriously contemplating buzzing over to Forks and Port Angeles when I was in that area but it would have cost me another day's traveling time. Boo. Day dream about Twilight related stuff while driving to cake show--hhmmm.

• May...L's BD, I think about this time, if not the end of April, I find I am not alone in the "25+club & OCD about Twilight" and find the ladies over at Twitarded. Yay!

• June...What do you mean school is out, no, keep them in!...Dammit!

• July...Make trip to WA state to say goodbye to son and daughter-in-law and celebrate the 4th with them. Did sneak over to Pike Market...Still thinking about trip to Forks.

• August...Sweet Daughter-in-law got me tickets to see her country music friends, Emerson Drive; got to meet and get a pic. Took lil' bro with me. Had a great time. Back to school at eom
--hahaha. Last year of HS for daughter--where did the time go?

• September...Volleyball season and running concessions--AHH! Got my tickets to New Moon, Yay! Let the count down begin.

• October...Daughter-in-law came to visit, Yay! Son still in the sandbox. Other son busting butt to graduation in Dec.

• November...20 days to NM, and the crowd goes wild. Twilight/New Moon chicks are the BEST!! Did we really go to the midnight show!? LOL!! Happy BD to me--shhhh!

• December...what 25 days till xmas!? Son graduates college...BIG YAY!

I really had to think about reflecting back on 2009. Sheeesh! That hurt! LOL. Over all, everyone is healthy and well and even though we may be in different parts of the world we still keep in touch and love each other.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

YIKES! Just 10 more days until Christmas Day!   In between now and then, I want to take the time to reflect on the past year and say thank you to everyone that I have come to know in "real life and web life."  In case RL gets too busy, Merry Christmas!

I will try to get out here before New Years. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Gonna try my hand at another blog. Under construction now. Got my inspiration from JJ, STY and Lisa @17 Forever . Thanks Ladies!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon overload...will be back later when recovered.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AAHHH! Less that 24 hours New Moon is out!

My daughter & I indulged in the madness by going to Burger King and getting some NM collectibles. Well, I got the slider 6 pack, with the collectible cards and 4 NM crowns. Call me crazy! I hope that everything goes well tomorrow and that there is no drama, other than what is on the screen! and that the weather cooperates and is just cold and not raining. Don't want to be waiting in line in the pouring rain.

Have fun!