Friday, January 29, 2010

So, I am trying to decide on a couple road trips.  One is a cake show in Everett WA at the end of April and one is a trip to Forks WA at the end of September.  Hmm! Thinking...Thinking...  One is for my "yes I still like my cake decorating addiction" and one is for my "addition to Twilight and my Twitarded friends".  I know my friends at Twitarded friends will say Twi-hoe, your ass is coming with us!  AHH!

I know that I can share rooms and maybe a car ride with someone but the $$$ is what is my concern.  The only other "big" event I have my daughter's HS graduation in June.  I know either way, it will be at least $300-$400 trip--by car.  Again, AHH! 

I will ponder on this and maybe my inner-wannbe-self will speak to me.



Oh Yea, Happy New Year!