Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hello, Remember me? Maybe? Well, I have some news.

I entered a cake show here last week and was blown away to get First Place in the Special Occasions category. (It is not Best of Show; there were other cakes that were MORE beautiful and better than mine, by far.)  ME! I cannot believe it! I had tried to enter 3 cakes but I'm lazy and procrastinated and only did one.

Here it is

I had entered a cake a couple of years ago and got second (if your not a first, it's always a second) and a participant ribbon.  Over all it was fun and informative. My friend got a first on her cake and second on 3 others. My daughter got seconds on her entries too.

I had drawn it out just to get an idea of what I wanted to do and what size of cake.  The "cake" is styrofoam and the buttercream is shortening, powdered sugar, water and flavoring.  That holds up better and no one is going to eat it.  Now, if the buttercream was for a "real" cake, then I would have made a different recipe. It took roughly a day and a half to do; soar legs/feet, hands/back and lack of sleep to make this.  And this is a hobby that I enjoy! Call me crazy!

Next year, the show might be in Tacoma. Can you say, "Road Trip!"

Thanks for looking.